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From Left to Right: Kevin (Production), Phanya (Receptionist), Sophie (Receptionist), Ron (President), Chris (Cad Operator), Curly (Production), Phanna (Cad Operator)


EcoVantage Reprographics was established in 1994 as a response to the needs of Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Subcontractors faced with paying for vellums and sepias demanded by the age-old diazo process. In addition, there was a very real concern about having to take the used prints following a bid or a job and landfills. Currently, Blurprints are not economically recycleable.

Service was another concern. Most jobs were not run the same day, but many blueprint vendors required a two-day turn around.

The technology existed to use bond-printing (which requires no transparent media), and recyled papers, but no local blueprinters at the time were willing to use it. Also, with bond-printing a same day turn around on most job was highly feasible.

EcoVantage Reprographics was established in response to those concerns. It grew rapidly to eventually hold a major market share in the Long Beach/Signal Hill area.


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